Kazuyo Imai

Birth / Saitama in Japan

Uddanelse/ International ChristianUniversity(ICU) social studies

Bornholm højskole art course 2010-2011

Uddstilling/ Exhibition

2014   GalleriHuz 16 Bornholm

2013 Galleri soranohako (Tokyo)

Galleri hinatanote (Tokyo)

2012 Exhibition Galleri Abient (Yamanashi)

Galleri in hotel Tateshina Colosium ( Nagano)

Galleri Soranohako (Tokyo)

2011 Galleri Acca (Tokyo)

Galleri Abiento ( Yamanashi)

Works/ Books Illustrations on magazines /onlinemagazine

Email / kazuyosora@gmail.com

Web/ http://so-ra-shi-do.com/




The motif of her works are the plants and flowers in the field. Her inspirations are found

inunexpected colors and varied forms that they display in the morning mist or

theevening breeze.

She sketch them in the garden over again, letting her “impresson” to soak into her mind,

andtry to express the image, rather than drawing a copy of them as in “botanical art”

“I prefers watercolor since the water flows freely and carries images smoothly”

She feels the water itself closely,as one of the four elements that we share with

plants and flowers. Not only water, but “all forms, sunlight, winds,colors,even the birds

singing might be innate withinourselves, and I appreciate those moments when I can feel it “