Blue Hyacinth  2016-1-24


A firmly folded hyacinth bud
Starts to unfold a little by little

Like a soft rocket launching into the sky
slowly and surely
climbing to the sky
Releasing its scent
How blessed

I Wish butterflies and bees would joined us soon

We had  a lovely Songbook in Hojskole,  and  we chose a song from it in every morning assembly.
I  like the song ♯266 among them  , it’s about Hyacinth.
I  loved the simple melody  ” do re mi fa so ra si do~ raso~♪” ending with high note ,
I loved the lyric , “what a fine day, spring is just around the corner,
Im about to go get hyacinth for you, fogetting it was still winter’
If the teacher asked me to pick up a song , I would always answer this song
As Axsel(accompanist, the head master)  piano starts,  I am ready to be  in good mood.
No matter how cold ,frosty  outside, and no matter how sleepy I am.



Icy morning  2016-1-16




Everything is frozen
Frozen lake, frozen grass, frozen stream
Time is frozen
Cold but clear
Still and silence
A gift from this season
Until the sun comes up and
starts warming all of us slowly,
gently, and surely
I take a quiet walk through a winter morning
Two littlle birds on the frozen lake
Playing cheerfully
Tot tot tot tot , tot tot tot tot
Skating rather than flying

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I saw a film called, ” Le pappillon”.
A story about Julien, an aging butterfly collector,
and an eight year old girl Elsa, who lives in the same apartment building
The unlikely pair goes on a trip to search for a beautiful butterfly.
I love those scenes : the scence of togetherness
Julien and Elsa  keep walking  in the field , while not quite getting along with each other.
They decide  to camp out and wait for nocturnal butterfly called Isabelle
At night, Julien shows a shadow play with his awesome hands,
as he tells the story of “the Last Supper”
What magic!
Also I love another scene,
Elsa gives him a hard stare, telling him off ” You are a poacher!”
when she saw he put  the butterfly into chemical liquid.



A Winter Day with Yuzu fravour    jan/12 /2016

(YUZU *a  Japanese citron )

On a crisp winter day
My dear friend came for a visit with a bottle of California wine and
a suitcase full of Yuzu she had just picked from her parents backyard in Tachikawa.
She sets out to make Yuzu marmalade ‘Cooked in Yatsugatake’
This is her annual Yuzu project.
” All my Friends in the US were  pretty excited with my marmalade, the Japanese bittersweet homemade delights, “she says.
We always did our own thing even when we spent time together.
Sharing space and time, speaking on different topics at the same time,
converging every once in a while.
“New year’s resolution? ”
‘Quick decision, swift resolution! ‘
“umm learn to speak Danish and play guitar.”
While in the US, she works in SF bay area, developing electron spectrometer.

At the moment, she is busy removing inner skins from Yuzu fruits, exhaling a big sigh.
Kazuyo…! I can’t take this anymore!!! This is too much!
Time for another shot of Shochu mixed with Yuzu juice.
9 o’clock, jars were sealed, filled with 100 % Yuzu and Californian bright sighs.
Her Final comment:

” I am not made to be in marmalade making business.”
I remember she had the same comment last year.
So sleep well and
We shall do yoga tomorrow morning.